Some thoughts after Trump being elected

Come to think of it, Trump being president isn’t really a very surprising result. The reason is that, we have seen a global trend of nativism, of xenophobia, of the far-right, of isolation, of polarisation, of extremism, of populist movement, of alt-right, of egoists.

We have seen it earlier in UK, we have seen it in Asia, we are seeing it now in the US.

Is it the end of everything? To me, the answer is no. Every progress in the world was accompanied by a strong force to retrogress. The most important characteristic of mankind is that, no matter how many times and how much we retrogress, there are people with faith and hope, with love and respect, with knowledge and persistence, who are willing to give out whatever they can, to make the world a more civil and tolerant place for all.

Giving up now, labelling those who vote for Trump as “the others", hating these people, would make us no different from the one we disapprove. The so-called “they", are just “us" in an earlier stage. Every man and woman has experienced a stage which is full of fear, and filled with urges to exclude the others. Yet, isolation and exclusion is not how humans are programmed to survive. Connection and collaboration are.