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As opposed to wildlife, we do have a safari in the city. The picture above shows a common citylife species, called the Mannequin Luxuria, also know as Mannequin.

It is what I call, the citylife. It preys on labour of people, it’s fed on greed and desire. Their glamourous outlook is their means to prey on vulnerable people. Citylives are a common species among big cities. In Hong Kong, most can be found it Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Causeway Bay.

The photo below shows a unknowing human falling prey to Mannequin luxuria outside Tsim Sha Tsui ( or Central. I forgot)

Prey and predator. The safari of Citylife. #hk #hkig #hkiger #hongkong #bw #blackandwhite #urbanscape #urban #cityscape #city #film #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #filmphoto

The population of Mannequin Luxuria has been growing exponentially around the world in the past 30 years. Alongside with the rise of China together with a new, huge and rapidly growing population of nouveau riche there. These nouveau riche are the best prey for Mannequin Luxuria.

Mannequin Luxuria have a ectosymbiotic relationship with another bigger organism, namely the International Mercators (also known as, International Brands).

It is a not-so-complicated ecosystem. The International Brands provide resources and nutrient for Mannequin. The Mannequin attracts the preys, and the preys then go into the colony of International Brands and become lost, they give their labour/greed/desire in the form of money in order to get a way out of the colony.





Ray Leung



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